Month: November 2017


Eggless Chocolate Cake

After a long time tried baking chocolate cake as i wanted to dedicate it for somone special for his birthday. Made with soo much love , it has turned out to be a lovely , fluffy and delicious cake. I was not much intrested with the baking part earlier but now I think i have […]

Gravy Side Dish Vegetarian

Capsicum Masala

Capsicum or shimla mirch masala is a spicy side dish in Indian cuisine. The gravy is a thick paste made by blending roasted peanuts as base , with other spices and condiments. Preparation time: 5 to 7 mins Cooking time : 10 mins INGREDIENTS: Capsicum: 2 medium size cubed Onion: 1 large finely chopped Peanuts: […]

Gravy North Indian Recepies Side Dish Vegetarian

Dal Palak

Dal with palak is a perfect combination to make into a delicious gravy. In this recepie I have used masoor dal ( red lentils) with spinach along with few spices and condiments. Tired of making palak paneer and palak pakoda ?? Just give it a change.. ! This gravy goes well with chapatis, rotis and […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Snacks Vegetarian

Moongdal Pancake

Moongdal pancakes are very yummy and healthy choice for breakfast or snack. A very good recepie for diet followers. Preparation time : 2 hours Cooking time : 10 mins Recepie : You will need : Moongdal : 1 cup Dates: 3 to 4 deseeded Cinnamon powder: 1/2 tsp Honey: 1 tbsp Vanilla essence : 1/2 […]

Side Dish Vegetarian

Grilled Eggplant

Grilled eggplants is a super tasty side dish for rice or rotis. I always used to tawa fry eggplants but this time i tried to grill it.. and it was very tasty. I made a marinating mix with very few ingredients which adds on the taste. Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 10 mins INGREDIENTS: […]


Red Banana Sponge Cake

Red banana also known as ‘ kappa pazham ‘ in kerala is a very healthy and nutritious fruit. This is an eggless cake , made in pressure cooker . It turned out to be soft and fluffy. You can make it in oven too with the same recepie. Preparation time: 15 mins Cooking time: 45 […]

Biriyani Rice recepies Vegetarian

One pot Veg Pulao

One pot vegetable pulao is an instant pulao recepie made in pressure cooker. You can add veggies of your choice and can be made within minutes. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 10 mins Serves: 2 INGREDIENTS: Basmati rice: 1/2 cup ( I used kolam rice ) Onion: 1 large sliced French beans: 1/2 cup […]

kerala recepies Pickles

Chumanulli Pachakurumulagu Achaar

Chumanulli also known as pearl onion or shallots is usually used for preparing gravies and chutneys in kerala. I wanted to try a innovative pickle recepie so i chose to make a traditional kerala style pickle using pearl onion and raw black pepper. We use strands of raw black pepper which is grown in our […]

Drinks kerala recepies Sweets and Deserts

Nenthrapazham Milkshake

Nenthrapazham / Ripe plantain is a healthy banana produced mainly in kerala. Usually its used to make fritters, bhajji and various other sweets and savouries. Here i have used nenthrapazham with dry fruits and made it into milkshake , very healthy and filling too. Preparation time : 10 mins Serves: 2 INGREDIENTS: Nenthrapazham/ raw plantain: […]

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