Month: January 2018

Juices and milkshakes

Oreo Milkshake

A very easy and quick milkshake recepie with very few ingredients !! I had oreo biscuits in stock and was craving to have something sweet. And this recepie came to mind. Within minutes the shake was ready and my cravings were silent !! Preparation Time : 5 mins Serves : 2 Ingredients: Oreo biscuits : […]

kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Chemeen Mulagittathu

In kerala , seafoods are prepared in various styles . Talking about prawns it is made using coconut, without coconut, tamarind based, roasted prawns and so on. This recepie is a spicy version made using red chilli powder and kerala tamarind to give it a tangy taste. This tastes better if you keep for hours […]

kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Varutharacha Chicken Curry

Varutharacha Chicken Curry is a kerala special recepie. In this recepie the preparation method is different. Fresh grated coconut is roasted with other spices and condiments and ground to a fine masala paste which is the main base of this recepie. Go through the recepie to know the entire preparation. Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking […]

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