Month: August 2018

Breakfast Healthy recepies kerala recepies Snacks

Ammini Kozhukattai

A traditional tea time snack prepared in Kerala, it is very easy to make and delicious . It is prepared using the leftover rice flour dough prepared to make kozhukkattai ( sweet dish ) . Small dumplings are made of this dough and steamed and finally it is tempered in coconut oil with some spices […]

kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Chicken Varattiyathu / Roast

Kerala recepies are commonly spicy and prepared in various styles. One such type is Varattiyathu or roast wherein the chicken is roasted with spices till the gravy thickens and chicken gets soaked in the gravy. In this recepie gravy has a strong spicy flavour of black pepper powder and the addition of coconut chunks gives […]

Biriyani kerala recepies Rice recepies

Kerala Style Egg Biriyani

If you are craving to have some spicy biryani.. here’s a quick to make spicy Kerala style egg biryani recepie. Prepared using Kerala spices , I have prepared the gravy first and tossed the rice in and mixed the boiled eggs and tan-ta-dan our biryani is ready to serve! Let’s checkout the recepie below πŸ‘‡ […]

Festival recepies kerala recepies Onam recepies Payasam Sweets and Deserts Vishu Recepies

Aval Payasam

Aval Payasam is a Kerala special desert prepared using thick rice flakes. This is not a very common payasam recepie made in Kerala but still I have prepared it the authentic way. So this year the first payasam recepie for Onam starts with Aval Payasam.. Checkout the recepie and video below πŸ‘‡   RECEPIE: Preparation […]

Gravy kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Lamb Vindaloo

Vindaloo is typically a Goan dish prepare using Fenni or Cooking wine. As I love to try innovative recepies ,I gave a innovative twist to the original recepie and prepared it in Kerala style. Vindaloos are best to have with rice and rotis. A very spicy and thick gravy based dish that can be relished […]


Manglore Golli Bajji

Golli Bajji is Southindian special snack recepie ,which is soft and crispy in texture. It is usually served with coconut chutney. Here I have prepared Mint and curd chutney as combination and it was very delicious combo. Let’s checkout the recepie below πŸ‘‡ RECEPIE: Preparation time: 2 hours Cooking time: 20 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS: […]

Breakfast Italian Snacks

Mushroom Alfredo Fettuccine

A single meal pasta recepie loaded with mushrooms and bell peppers and cheddar cheese to add up more taste. It’s very filling and can be served for lunch or dinner as a meal. There’s not much ingredients needed for this recepie and it’s even very easy to make. You can use pasta of your choice, […]

Appetizer/ Starter Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Grilled Chicken In Barbecue Sauce

Grilled Chicken in Barbeque Sauce is a recepie you can make for during any parties or get together at your home. I prepared it for a friend’s get together recently and all loved it. This one’s actually a team work of me and my hubby and ended up preparing a delicious and juicy grilled chicken […]

Appetizer/ Starter Healthy recepies Italian Salads Side Dish Vegetarian

Grilled Veggies

Grilled veggies, good to have as single meal or as appetizer with lunch and dinner. Recently we had a barbecue party at our home and grilled veggies was one of the item on food list. The thing which I like about grilled veggies is that we are not losing any nutrition from the veggies which […]

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