Month: October 2018

Maharashtrian Snacks

Vada Pav

Home-cooked Garma-garam VADA PAV for Snacking with spicy garlic chutney and fried chillies 😋😍😍😍 Being from Mumbai, Vada pav has always been my favourite. And now after moving to New Zealand I really miss having all my favourite Indian delicacies. Lets checkout the recepie below 👇 . . . Preparation time: 15 mins Cooking time: […]

Gravy kerala recepies Side Dish Vegetarian

Kappa Erissery

KAPPA ERISSERY !!! Kerala style gravy prepared using Cassava / Tapioca with rich flavours of fresh grated coconut ,roasted coconut and coconut oil. In Kerala, ERISSERY is usually prepared using Raw Plantain, green Moong beans and coconut. I tried this popular recepie with kassava in a innovative way and was a success. . . Lets […]

Gravy North Indian Recepies Side Dish Vegetarian

Baingan Masala

BAINGAN MASALA .. Deep fried baby brinjals in creamy gravy.. Brinjals being my favourite veggie I love to have it again and again.. This is the first time I had used Baby Brinjals and yes I am gonna use it henceforth 😎 Because I am a hardcore #bainganlover 😁 When I went for vegetable shopping this […]

North Indian Recepies Snacks

Pav Bhaji Burger

Pav bhaji Tikki Burger… Desi style burger prepared using leftover Pavbhaji Masala.. Easy and quick way to prepare burger when you have leftovers like Pavbhaji. I just thought of giving it a try and was a success. Hope you like it too. . Checkout the innovative recepie below 👇 . Preparation time: 20 mins Cooking […]

Appetizer/ Starter kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Beefum Kappa Roast

Beefum Kappa Roast / Beef n Cassava Roast is a  Kerala special recepie wherein beef and cassava is cooked with lots of spices and then dry roasted with lots of black pepper powder.. Spicy , juicy and delicious combination to have with Kerala Parotta 😍😍 In this recepie while cooking Beef we are not adding […]

Gravy North Indian Recepies Side Dish Vegetarian

Moong Dal Tadka

MOONG DAL TADKA …. Boiled yellow lentils with turmeric and salt and tempered with lots of cumin seeds,garlic and other spices… I love Dal curry with lots of garlic and cumin seeds in it,this makes the curry more delicious and aromatic. Those who avoid having dal curries just because it leads to bloating can switch […]

Rice recepies Vegetarian

Vangi Bhath / Brinjal Rice

VANGI BHATH | BRINJAL RICE … Southindian Rice recepie prepared by tossing brinjal and rice with vangi bhath powder and tamarind extract. You can prepare this powder and keep it in air container and use whenever required. It’s very easy to prepare and quick recepie for busy days or lunch boxes. Checkout the detailed recepie […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Snacks

Pesarattu Dosa

Pesarattu Dosa,popular dosa recepie in  Southindian cuisine… A very healthy and filling dosa recepie prepared using Green Moong Dal and spices…. Green Moong beans are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and thus has many health benefits.. Checkout the Recepie below 👇 Preparation time: 10 hours Cooking time: 20 mins Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS: Green Moong Dal: […]

Gravy North Indian Recepies Side Dish Vegetarian

Aloo Kofta Curry

Northindian special Aloo Kofta Curry .. My family loves NorthIndian Cuisines and as it’s Navratri season now we are cooking all vegetarian food. This is one such recepie which I came across few days back and I innovated it in my own way and prepared it… And it turned out well… Happiness is when you […]

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