Year: 2019

Indochineese Rice recepies Vegetarian

Chicken Free Chicken Fried Rice

“Find something you are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it !”~ Julia Child For me nothing is more passionate than cooking and I love trying different cuisines, cooking methods and produce varieties on regular basis. It was just recently I came across this product by @sunfedmeats ” Chicken Free Chicken” . You must […]

Chicken Recepies Easter Recipes kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Varutharacha Kozhi Curry / Chicken in Roasted Coconut Gravy

Traditional style of cooking has always been my favourite. In kerala, most of the dishes are prepared using coconut as main ingredient or as base. In this recepie the gravy is prepared by roasting the freshly grated coconut with spices and condiments and made into paste. And the meat is cooked in this gravy. This […]

Chicken Recepies Easter Recipes kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Chicken Liver Roast

Liver Roast is a popular kerala recepie. You can try any chicken / beef/ mutton liver with the same recepie. I have used Chicken liver here. This recepie tastes more delicious when cooked in coconut oil with lots of black pepper and sauteed in shallots. Onions can be substituted for shallots. I had used onions […]

Appetizer/ Starter Indochineese Snacks

Schezwan Veg Spring Roll

Homechef is back again after a short break. I guess getting too workaholic these days, cant write any blogs these days ,but yeah I do cook and there are many recepies I have kept in stack to upload. Hopefully will be doing it in the coming days. So I was too craving to have something […]

Chicken Recepies Non Vegetarian North Indian Recepies Side Dish Summer drinks

Chicken Roast

I have come up with yet another chicken roast recepie which is spicy with semi gravy and full of flavours. And I give the recepie courtesy to my loving husband who had prepared this when I was having a busy day. The gravy was sooo delicious , so I thought of sharing the recepie here. […]

Chicken Recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Madras Chicken Roast

A very popular chicken recepie in SouthIndia, Madras Chicken is a combination of spicy and tangy chicken recepie. Here I have added some of my own twists to the orginal recepie and sharing it here for my readers. Your feedback is my motivation, do comment your suggestions below. Lets checkout the detailed recepie below 👇 […]

Gravy kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Mutton Curry in Coconut Milk

Prepared authentic kerala style Goat recepie after a long long time. Whenever i went for grocery shopping here in Newzealand , I found only lamb most of the times. And one fine day I was lucky to get the fresh goat meat and here it is #recepieoftheday..The recepie credit goes to my MIL , she’s […]

Biriyani Egg Recepies Rice recepies

Pressure Cooker Egg Biriyani

Egg Biriyani prepared in pressure cooker is a quick and delicious meal ready to serve when you have guests at your place or for any party. I came across this recepie in a youtube channel called Homecooking casted by Foodblogger Hema Subramaniam. Shes got amazing food recepies and I tried this Egg Biriya i which […]

Chicken Recepies kerala recepies Non Vegetarian Side Dish

Pepper Chicken Roast

Pepper Chicken Roast is a spicy and delicious chicken recepie with rich flavour of freshly ground black pepper. You can serve this recepie as starter/ appetizer or as a side dish with the main course. It goes well with any meal , rice, rotis and breads. I have used boneless chicken pieces in this recepie […]

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