This blog belongs to Dr.Poornima Nair,a dentist by profession. . She hail from kerala , bought up in Mumbai and married the love of her life and settled in New Zealand.Cooking is her hobby and passion since years and her passion for cooking made her start this blog.She has never been one for titles and labels. She believe that an individual’s life cannot be viewed through a few accomplishments, a trophy case, or a given moment .

This website is her personal blog to share every day cooking to friends and family. . She tries to keep her recipes simple, smart and seasonal and believe in cooking food fresh everyday without additives and preservatives. All the recipes in this site are tried and tested recipes. She has modified and improved it over time.

There is an age old saying – ‘The Way To A Man’s Heart Is through His Stomach”.To achieve this extraordinary feat all you have to be is a good cook.Not everyone makes anything perfect at the first time, right measurement and the patience makes the recipe perfect, Half the fun of cooking is experimenting, so give it a try !

Please do take a little time to comment on the recipes, as your feedback means a lot . And dont forget to share the recipes on your favourite social networks. Happy cooking !!!

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              ” A Recepie has no soul, You , as a cook , must bring soul to the recepies !!!! “

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