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Banana Bread

Baking is fun when you are completely into it , wholeheartedly ! Trying more baking these days while I am starting to develop more interest. Presenting freshly baked BANANA BREAD recepie , which is soft and moist with choco chips in it. Checkout the recepie below πŸ‘‡ Preparation time: 20 mins Cooking time: 1 hour […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies

Green Smoothie Oat Bowl

Green Smoothie Oat Bowl… Healthy start of the day with super healthy breakfast.. Me n my hubby love to have oats this way, so I try making different smoothies and soak oats in it.. And I add my favourite seeds and flavours to make it more healthy .. You can add or substitute any item […]

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Vermicelli Upma

Vermicelli Upma is a different and easy to make recepie for breakfast. You can add any veggies of your choice and make it filling , bcoz of which it’s healthy too. If you wanna pack it for lunch or kids tiffin box, this goes well for that. Lets checkout the recepie below πŸ‘‡ . . […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Snacks

Pesarattu Dosa

Pesarattu Dosa,popular dosa recepie inΒ  Southindian cuisine… A very healthy and filling dosa recepie prepared using Green Moong Dal and spices…. Green Moong beans are rich in nutrients and antioxidants and thus has many health benefits.. Checkout the Recepie below πŸ‘‡ Preparation time: 10 hours Cooking time: 20 mins Serves: 6 INGREDIENTS: Green Moong Dal: […]

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Banana n Choco Chips Muffins

Banana and choco chips muffins ❀️❀️❀️ It was my first trial and turned out well.. I am usually not very fond of baking but when I attempt I try to make it πŸ’― This is a very easy and quick recepie.. best to have during snack time. Leys checkout the recepie below πŸ‘‡ Preparation time: […]

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Chilli Paratha

When you get bored of eating something repetitively change your menu !! That’s my protocol.. We get to buy frozen Parathas which we just heat or microwave and have it with any gravy or egg fry.. here’s a twist to this Paratha.. I cooked the frozen Paratha,chopped into cubes and along with spices and veggies […]

Breakfast Snacks Vegetarian

Vegetable Upma

Upmas are usually not liked much by kids and some adults too. So what I do is I try to make it colourful so one tends to eat that what is disliked . Here I have added veggies and good amount of ghee to make the dish look colourful and also flavourful. It’s healthy as […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Snacks

Egg Pancakes with Cinnamon

Pancakes are the best breakfast when you wanna make it very quick in the morning or when you feel lazy to cook. It’s very easy to make as well as quick too. And happiness is when you get a perfect texture. I never prefer store bought pancake mix,instead I always prepare batter and keep it […]

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Ammini Kozhukattai

A traditional tea time snack prepared in Kerala, it is very easy to make and delicious . It is prepared using the leftover rice flour dough prepared to make kozhukkattai ( sweet dish ) . Small dumplings are made of this dough and steamed and finally it is tempered in coconut oil with some spices […]

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