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Healthy recepies Juices and milkshakes kerala recepies

Aathachakka / Sweet Sop Juice

Today i am here with a very healthy juice recepie.. Aathachakka Juice .. In kerala we call it as Aathachakka .. Its common name is Annonna custard apple.. it comes under the species of custard apple.. also known as Wild Sweet Sop , Bull’s heart ( bcoz of its heart shape ) .. The flavour […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Snacks

Dosa Frankie

Happy Womens Day to all the beautiful ladies !! So today for breakfast I thought of making something special.. and innovative.. I had dosa batter in stock and then thought of making frankie with dosa. Finally ended up with this delicious , healthy and very filling special dosa frankie. Recepie :  Preparation time : 5 […]

Breakfast Drinks Healthy recepies

Nannari Smoothie

Nannari Smoothie .. a very healthy drink for breakfast or mid day meal .. Nannari root or Sarsaparilla is a root of an Indian plant which has many medicinal values. Nannari syrup is usually used to make serbeth which is a traditional drink. Recepie: Preparation time: 3 mins Ingredients: Milk : 1 cup Rolled oats: […]

Healthy recepies Wine

Grape Wine

My first trial of making wine was success. I got inspiration from my aunt who had made amazing grape wine recently and I thought of giving it a try. In this recepie , the grapes are fermented with sugar and few spices & condiments. Red wine or grape wine has many health benefits. It lowers […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Salads Vegetarian

Green Moong Salad

Moongs contain high source of nutrients.They are also a very filling food, high in protein, resistant starch and dietary fiber. This salad is best breakfast or dinner option. Moongs in this recepie is steamed with little water instead of boiling and throwing the water away. Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking time: 10 mins Serves: 2 […]

Healthy recepies Juices and milkshakes kerala recepies

Jackfruit Smoothie

Had gone to kerala for a short vacation.. And we got fresh jackfruit from our garden.. Thought of making different recepies with it.. Starting with this Smoothie, very delicious and juicy drink. I have made it diary free, you can add milk or yogurt according to your preference. !! Recepie below 👇 Preparation time : […]

Drinks Healthy recepies Juices and milkshakes kerala recepies

Red Banana Smoothie

Red Banana Smoothie !!! A very healthy and tasty drink !! These bananas are very popular in kerala , also known as Chenkathali Pazham. The red banana tastes sweeter than the regular banana.They are full of fiber, Vitamin D and Vitamin B6.They are good for weight loss and give you instant energy. Preparation time: 5 […]

Drinks Healthy recepies Juices and milkshakes

Healthy Juice

Health is wealth. And to stay healthy we have to be determined enough. This is a very healthy juice which if you drink regularly is very good for your body as well as your skin. Drink this juice regularly will give you a glowing face. All the ingredients in this juice is readily available in […]

Breakfast Healthy recepies Italian Salads

Pasta Salad

I love exploring different types of healthy salads and make it in my own way. Few days back I had been to a resto and I ordered a Pasta Green Salad. I loved it, and I decided to make the same in my own way for breakfast today. Its very easy to prepare. You can […]

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