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Appetizer/ Starter Indochineese Side Dish Vegetarian

Soy Chunks Chilly

  Indochinese food has always been my favourite cuisine, be it vegetarian or non vegetarian. Getting the gravy sauce right makes the Indochinese food perfect.  In this recipe I have coated the soy chunks with flour and few spices and shallow fried, prepared the Indochinese gravy sauce and tossed the fried soy chunks in the […]

Appetizer/ Starter Chineese Side Dish Vegetarian

Chana Chilli

Indochinese has always been my favourite , but when I tried with chickpeas I never expected it to have the perfect Indochinese taste but it was indeed very delicious.. It’s a good combination with rice and rotis and even breads. Till today I had just prepared Indian cuisine with chickpeas but it tastes amazing when […]

Appetizer/ Starter Chineese Side Dish Vegetarian

Veg Crispy

#recepieoftheday This is one of my favourites in Indochinese cuisine and I love to have it with fried rice.. VEG CRISPY .. as the name says the veggies are dipped in batter and deep fried to crispy fritters , gravy prepared with sauces and corn flour slurry and the fried veggies are tossed it without […]

Appetizer/ Starter Chineese Side Dish Vegetarian

Chilli Gobi

CHILLI GOBI… Being a Indochinese food lover I just love cooking and eating foods like these always… So when he wanted me to make Gobi chilli , which is his favourite as well I just made it for him for dinner… This is my way of making Chilli Gobi.. Checkout the recepie below 👇 . […]

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