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Rice Kheer / Ari Payasam

Rice Kheer / Ari Payasam is a very easy to make and quick sweet recepie. We usually make this for any occasion. This time I prepared it for my Hubby’s birthday. In South India , we use small broken rice for this recepie ,whereas in North India Basmati rice is preferred. Here I have used […]

Festival recepies kerala recepies Onam recepies Payasam Sweets and Deserts Vishu Recepies

Aval Payasam

Aval Payasam is a Kerala special desert prepared using thick rice flakes. This is not a very common payasam recepie made in Kerala but still I have prepared it the authentic way. So this year the first payasam recepie for Onam starts with Aval Payasam.. Checkout the recepie and video below 👇   RECEPIE: Preparation […]

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Kiwi Pulissery

Pulissery is a popular recepie prepared for Onam sadhya. As its the month  of Onam I will be posting few recepies related to Onasadhya. And this recepie is one of them but with a innovation. Pulissery is spiced yogurt made commonly with ripe mangoes. It is also prepared with ripe plantain. But here I have […]

kerala recepies Onam recepies Side Dish Vishu Recepies

French Beans Thoran

Thoran is a dry stir fry prepared using any veggies with grated coconut as base. I have made this recepie using french beans which is served as side dish with rice or chapatis. Checkout the recepie below 👇 Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 15 mins Serves: 4 INGREDIENTS: French beans: 1/4 kg Grated fresh […]

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Instant Mango Pickle

Its Mango season now and this the time when we prepare pickles and juices and store it. Here I am sharing a instant mango pickle recepie made in kerala style which my mom used to prepare . Checkout the recepie below 👇 Preparation time : 15 mins Cooking time : 5 mins INGREDIENTS: Raw Mango […]

Gravy kerala recepies Onam recepies Side Dish Vegetarian Vishu Recepies

Kerala style Sambar

Kerala style sambar is made in two different ways; with coconut and without coconut . This one is a simple recepie without coconut and a spicier version. Usually the veggies added in Sambar are carrots, raw banana, drumstick, potatoes, beans, brinjal, pumpkin,ladysfinger, beans . You may add all these or few according to your convinience. […]

kerala recepies Onam recepies Payasam Sweets and Deserts Vishu Recepies

Semiya Payasam

The South Indian version, payasam is an integral part of traditional South Indian meals. South Indian payasam also makes extensive use of jaggery and coconut milk in place of sugar and milk. Vermicelli (semiya) is commonly used. Payasam also forms an integral part of the Kerala feast (sadya), where it is served and relished from the flat banana leaf instead of cups. In a Kerala cuisine, […]

kerala recepies Onam recepies Pickles Side Dish Vishu Recepies

Maanga Achar / Mango Pickle

Raw mango or tender mango is the most popular variety of fruit used for pickling. There are multiple variety of mango pickles prepared depending on the region and the spices used . Here I have posted kerala style mango pickle recepie. Preparatiin Time : 1 hr 15 mins Cooking time : 10 mins INGREDIENTS: Raw […]

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UNNIAPPAM  is a small round dumpling like snack made from rice, jaggery, banana, roasted coconut pieces, roasted sesame seeds, ghee and cardamom powder fried in oil. It is a popular snack in kerala specially made during festivals. Preparation time : 12 hours Cooking time: 30 mins Yield: 30 to 40 INGREDIENTS: Raw rice: 2 large […]

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