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Aloo Cheese Toast Sandwich

Aloo Cheese Toast Sandwich or flavoured potatoes and cheese sandwich prepared in Mumbai style is one among the popular street foods in Mumbai. After spending more than 25 years of my life in Mumbai, and migrated to other country , I miss all those street foods which I have enjoyed all my life there. And […]

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Indomexican Chaat

Mumbai Chaat with a twist.When I miss that chatpata, delicious CHAAT which I used to have back home almost once a week, all I could do was to make my own version of healthy chaat and satify my taste buds. But trust me , when I was preparing this I never believed this would turn […]

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Instant Khasta Kachori

Instant KHASTA KACHORI.. kachori is a very popular Indian snack specially prepared in kitchens of North India.. It is a spicy round and flat dumpling, outer covering is made of any of these flours( Plain flour,gram flour,wheat flour,semolina ) and filling prepared using moongdal and spices and spice powders. And then it is deep fried […]

Chaat recepies North Indian Recepies Snacks

Ram Ladoo

Gul gule / Ram ladoo is  famous street food from delhi. It is prepared from a mix made from yellow moong dal and chana dal with other spices. For this special spicy and tangy green chutney is prepared and finally topped with grated or juliened raddish, beetroot or carrot. Recepie: INGREDIENTS: Yellow Moong dal: (1 cup) […]

Chaat recepies North Indian Recepies Snacks


In Mumbai and Pune, sev puri is strongly associated with street food, but is also served at upscale locations.This is a very easy to make homemade sevpuri recepie. Preparation time: 10 mins INGREDIENTS: Flat / round puris: 6 (I made one plate with this) Onion: 1 finely chopped Tomatoes: 1 finely chopped Potato: boiled and smashed 1/2 […]

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