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Muthira Payar Chammanthi / Horsegram Chutney

I have always been among the ones who love to explore, research and learn about the traditional recipes. The recipes which were prepared during our ancestral period were all so pure and 100 percent healthy which lacks in todays food. Today I have come up with one such ingredient ,“Horsegram “ or “Muthira” that’s how […]

Chineese Chutneys

Schezwan Chutney

Homemade Schezwan Chutney for all those who are Chineese food lovers or crave to eat chineese food very oftenly, you can just make this chutney or sauce at home in large quantity and save it for later. There is no added preservatives in this recepie. Store it in a glass jar and keep in refrigerator […]

Chutneys Side Dish

Red Chilli / Lal Mirch Chutney

Are you craving for any spicy sides with your meal?? Then this is the perfect one.. spicy and yummy red chilli chutney. This goes well with Dosas, Idli, Rice , Rotis. You can even use it as spread or filling for buns or paav. Checkout the recepie below 👇 Preparation time : 5 mins Cooking […]

Chutneys kerala recepies Vegetarian

Brinjal Chutney

Brinjal/ eggplant chutney is a southindian cuisine. A very delicious side dish which can be had along with chapatis, rice , dosa or idli. Preparation time: 10 mins Cooking time: 30 mins INGREDIENTS: Brinjal: 3 long and medium sized chopped Tomatoes: 2 small chopped Garlic: 3 to 4 cloves Ginger: 1 small piece chopped Green […]

Chutneys Maharashtrian Vegetarian

Peanut Chutney

I have posted another version of peanut chutney before made using red chilli powder. Here we dont add powder, instead spicy green chillies are used. Preparation time: 15 mins INGREDIENTS: Peanuts: 1 cup Garlic: 6 to 7 cloves Cumin seeds: 1 tsp Green chillies: 4 to 5 Salt: for taste PREPARATION: Dry roast peanuts till […]

Chutneys Maharashtrian Vegetarian

Peanut garlic Chutney

A simple version of the chutney made with very few ingredients. This is a maharashtrian recepie . It can be made in bulk and stored to use it regularly. This chutney tastes yummy when had with khichdi, roti or rice. There are 2 versions of this recepie , the other one I will be uploading […]

Chutneys Vegetarian

Roasted Chana Chutney

Preparation time: 5 mins Serves: 4 to 5 INGREDIENTS: Roasted chana : 1 small cup Curd: 2 tbsp Chilli powder:1/2 tsp Garlic cloves: 3 Salt : to taste PREPARATION: Grind all ingredients together in mixer. You can add little water if its too thick. Serve with idlis or dosa.

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