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Kiwi Pulissery

Pulissery is a popular recepie prepared for Onam sadhya. As its the month  of Onam I will be posting few recepies related to Onasadhya. And this recepie is one of them but with a innovation. Pulissery is spiced yogurt made commonly with ripe mangoes. It is also prepared with ripe plantain. But here I have […]

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Chakkakuru / Jackfruit Seed Cutlet

Helo dears, today I am back with another cutlet recepie which is very innovative and delicious. I got this idea from my MIL and I wasn’t sure about how Jackfruit Seed will taste after getting deep fried. And believe me guys, this cutlet will beat the meat cutlet; It is very yummy and filling too. […]

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Kerala Chicken Biriyani

Cooking is an art through which one can gain your near ones heart.This is the first time I had prepared Biriyani at my in-laws place in kerala and so I cooked it in authentic way. Kerala biriyani is special in its own way, be it the madalas used or the way of cooking. Let’s checkout […]

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Jackfruit Sheera

Jackfruit Sheera is an innovative recepie ; fusion of Northindian and Southindian sweet recepie.  I have used Jackfruit pulp in this recepie and mixed it with Roasted rava and ghee with few condiments. Lets checkout the recepie below 👇 Preparation time : 10 mins Cooking time : 15 mins Serves: 7 to 8 INGREDIENTS: Roasted […]

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Mango Sheera

Sheera is a very popular North Indian desert which is usually prepared during festivals and fastings.  This summer season thought of making the same sheera with added mango flavour.  Mango pulp is added to the sheera to give it a perfect juicy texture and sweetness. Checkout the recepie below 👇 Preparation time: 5 mins Cooking […]

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Aamras is the pulp of the tropical fruit mango which is prepared usually during summers.The pulp of the ripe mango is extracted usually by hand and consumed along with Pooris, roti or had as a desert.  Milk and dry ginger powder or cardamom powder is added to the pulp to enhance its flavour. Sugar is also […]

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 Malpua is a sweet pancake served as a desert or a snack. It is vert popular dish in India specially during festivals like Diwali and Holi.  The batter is prepared using refined flour, sooji or wheat flour. Some even add ripe bananas. The mixture is delicately seasoned with cardamom and fennel powder. It is deep […]

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